(Kinda) Paleo friendly Starbucks drinks!

Hi friends! If you’re anything like me and love Starbucks but want to stick with eating paleo, i have something for you!

While eating paleo, it is recommended you stay away from caffeine, however, a bit once in a while surely won’t hurt 😉 I have found many options for drinks that are low calorie (I don’t really care about calories, and I am not one to count my calorie intake, but if you’re into that, then here you go) these drinks are also pretty delicious. Try to stay away from frappuccinos since they have a ton of sugar, and milk, and delicious whipped cream (I’m drooling). So you’ll notice I have excluded anything with milk, due to paleo guidelines.

Here’s the list I found from the Starbucks online menu:

Cold Drinks

Shaken Tazo® Iced Passion® Tea (unsweetened)

Shaken Tazo® Iced Black Tea Lemonade

Iced Coffee (with classic syrup)

Iced Green Tea (I like mine with a wedge of lemon)

Tazo Iced Tea Photo by: money.cnn.com

Tazo Iced Tea
Photo by: money.cnn.com


Hot Drinks

Brewed Coffee

Brewed Tazo® Tea

Steamed Apple Juice

Caffè Americano

Good Ol' Fashion Green Tea Photo by: sunnyyq (wordpress)

Good Ol’ Fashion Green Tea
Photo by: sunnyyq (wordpress)

P.S. I forgot to mention that I discovered I am lactose intolerant!! I used to love milk, and go through a gallon within a week. Since I eliminated milk from daily consumption, I am no longer bloated, and experiencing digestive problems (TMI, I know) but I just had to tell you all.

For the love of Starbucks,

Foodie Zully