Public Service Announcement: Water Talk!


How many times have you peed today?



OR too many times to keep track of?

If you have checked yourself into the 1-3 category, you’re more than likely dehydrated. I am by no means a doctor, but it’s pretty simple to say you have not drank enough water.


For those of you who have gone #1 today 3-5 times, did you check how clear your urine was?

Yes, it might not be the most pleasant view, but it’s important to assess the clarity of your urine because it will be a reflection of how much water you intake.

My people who are always in the bathroom, get some diapers already, sheesh! Just kidding, no need to take offense, it’s all in good humor. You- my friends are amazing because you are listening to your body and keeping yourself hydrated.

Here’s a challenge, substitute all sugary drinks for water (for beginners). For my more advanced (already solely drinking water) people, check how clear your pee is. The more yellow your pee is, the more water you should drink. Once your pee is clear/nearly clear, pat yourself in the back for doing a good job, your body will thank you!

Like my favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar says,

Pour up… drank, head shot… drank
Sit down… drank, stand up… drank
Pass out… drank, wake up… drank”

I know he is most likely not speaking of water per say, but lets pretend he is!

Stay hydrated friends,

Foodie Zully