Got beef?

If you are a meat lover you have come to the right place. Eating paleo means consuming all sorts of protein, the most popular being chicken and beef. Today we will be focusing on beef and I’m so excited to let you all in on an amazing deal I came across.

Reasons why I love ground beef:

#1 Super delicious

#2 Super versatile

#3 Inexpensive

#4 Cooks quickly (have you noticed our time and budget recurring theme yet?)

#5 Convenient for meal prepping

My favorite recipes including ground beef are tacos, (I’m Mexican and we love our tacos), stuffed bell peppers, picadillo (another traditional Mexican dish similar to a stew made with carrots and potatoes), and the American favorite, burgers! Stay tuned for my paleo burger recipe coming soon!



As I strolled through the crowds of people at Costco I thankfully made it across to the meat section without devouring every sample offered. Lets be real, how many of us have gone back to the same sample stand more than once, pretending it was your first time? I know I’m guilty of it. Because many of the samples offered aren’t paleo friendly I tend to do my best to ignore them and keep on movin’! I was on the search for lean ground beef, but to my surprise I stumbled across Kirkland’s Organic Ground Beef. I was excited because 1. It was organic and 2. Costco’s low prices which came out to cost less than $15 for three pounds of organic ground beef. Pretty amazing! Most organic meat that I have seen in the grocery store is outrageously priced so of course I had to take advantage of this great deal.

Stay beefy,

Foodie Zully


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