Motivation and Staying On Track With Goals

Let’s talk about motivation. I think it’s safe to say that when we begin this journey towards a healthy lifestyle we are excited, and nervous. We begin with a ton of excitement and “can do” attitude, but what happens when our motivation starts depleting?

I have definitely been in a state of mind where I want to give up and give into my cravings. The one thought that changes my attitude is remembering why I started this journey. I think back to the times where I have felt down, insecure of my body, and then I remember not ever wanting to feel that way. I think about how far I have gotten with this process even if it hasn’t been very long, taking first steps such as starting an exercise routine, or swapping sugary drinks with water, that’s an accomplishment to be proud of.


“Don’t worry, be happy”- Bob Marley


Look back at how far you have come, don’t give up!

Many of us long about our dream bodies and think about how much longer we have until we reach this goal. Often times, we set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals we hope to achieve in a small frame of time.

Regaining motivation takes a change in our thinking. Let’s remain optimistic and reflect on our accomplishments instead of beating ourselves up for not yet having dropped 50 pounds in one month or looking like Kim Kardashian.

My journey began January 6th, 2014. I decided to take control of my health by joining CrossFit and although it will almost be nearly two months since I began, I am slowly seeing progress in my body, and energy levels. Two months ago, I was stuffing my face with anything and everything near me. I was devouring food like no one’s business, but I always felt lazy, I wasn’t confident with the way I looked, and my stress levels were through the roof!

Dumbbells have become my best friend!

Dumbbells have become my best friend!

 One month into eating clean and exercising I had more energy throughout the day, I was rarely starving (because I actually began eating breakfast, and lunch) and I was no longer waking during the middle of the night with a list of million things to do. I realized that there was no better cure to stress than eating real foods and getting in some exercise. Aside from my mental health, my physical health has improved too! I remember not being able to hang onto a rope, let alone climbing the rope during my first few CrossFit sessions, and several weeks later I had the strength to climb up half way! Even though I was close to losing hope, I gave it a try and to my surprise I was able to climb up.

Eating healthy is a mental game with food. You cannot allow food to take control of YOUR life. Sure it takes self-discipline, but that’s the way our goals will be met. Not only out physical goals, but health also. I like to share my goals with others so that next time I talk to that person, I’ll be held accountable. According to Women’s Health magazine, I read that talking to people about your weight-loss journey is an effective way to maintain self-motivation they say, “Reams of studies prove that support from other people can keep you motivated to lose weight”.

Don’t lose hope, and remember why you started this journey. They say only the strong survive, so show everyone how strong you are by sticking to your goals.

In strength,

Foodie Zully

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